About Us

Who we are & what we do

Based out of Lapel, Indiana we provide essential truck repair services to trucking companies, mom and pop businesses, farmers and truck owners.

Started in 2007 (but with 25 years of experience) we have a large two bay custom garage able to handle all size vehicles from cars to trucks.

We can do all truck repairs ranging from oil changes to engine overhauls.

Keep on Trucking

LTT can repair or replace damaged tires, rims and more.

LTT can perform routine maintenance on your Truck(s) such as Oil Changes, Filter Changes to ensure optimal performance.

Car Oil Changes also available ....

LTT's highly trained team can repair any fault and replace any part that may have gone bad on a truck.

LTT has experienced welders when welding is required.

LTT offers a road side assistance service to help get broken down trucks moving ASAP.